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DeadAnt Program

We offer the DeadAnt Program only to our regular customers and administer it two times each year. Since the EPA registered product used can only be applied twice per year, we coordinate our treatments with the weather and the presence of ants to get the most out of each treatment. We treat once in the springtime and once in the fall. For less than $30.00 per application we can begin to dramatically reduce the population of ants around your property.

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DeadAnt Program
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The control of ants has been a major challenge since we opened our doors in 1990. We've always worked hard at their control, sometimes losing a battle or two, but never losing the war. In 2008, a product was introduced that offered promise in meeting that challenge, so we field tested it in some or our most problematic ant areas for two years.

Our tests resulted in unexpectedly positive outcomes. We, as well as the test site customers, were extremely pleased with the considerable reduction in the ant population. These test results gave us the confidence to begin offering our DeadAnt Program in 2010, as an add-on service for our regular customers. 

If you don't want ants call us today to sign up. (575)524-1243