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    Just wanted to use this opportunity to thank AYS for the many years of excellent service they have provided to me and the neighborhood. From getting rid of bees in the attic to ants in the house, you have done a great job. Thanks

    comment Coments(0) Posted by VLopez on 2011-06-01 11:17:02

  • Memorial Day
    On this Memorial Day, we veterans and non-veterans at At Your Service extend our gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice insuring the freedom we enjoy in this great country. We also salute the veterans who have served and those who serve today. We say “Thank you!”

    comment Coments(0) Posted by AYS on 2011-05-30 12:05:59

  • Misleading Information
    Last week the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the National Institute of Health published the results of a study entitled Prenatal Exposure to Organophosphate Pesticides and IQ in 7-Year Old Children. Over the weekend a headline in a newspaper, regarding this report, was brought to our attention. The headline was very misleading and in my belief very much misrepresented our industry. The pesticides studied in the report are not even used by At Your Service or any others in the professional pest management industry. All of the pest products used within our industry are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after they have been extensively reviewed for health and safety factors that meet the federal government's tough standards. You can feel confident that the application of the EPA registered products we and others in our industry use will be done expertly and only by qualified and licensed pest professionals as directed on the product label. We, as well as others in this industry are primarily concerned for the health, safety and protection of our customers and the public. Comments:

    comment Coments(0) Posted by AYS on 2011-04-26 19:27:16

  • Springtime DeadAnt Treatments
    If you’ve been wondering when we are going to make our springtime DeadAnt program treatment, we’ve been wondering also. We really thought we could make the spring treatment beginning in April but it’s been a little too cold to get the optimum results. It’s important to make the treatment after the ants have become consistently active and we’ve been observing this for the last couple of weeks. We feel comfortable that treatments made during our May service cycle will deliver excellent results. If you are wondering if treatments can be successful if made later into the summer, the answer is yes. As long as the ants are consistently active the treatment should have a positive effect. Since the products used to make these treatments can only be used twice each year we prefer to separate the two treatments by as much time as possible. If you have any questions or comments, please give us a call or respond here on our web-site.

    comment Coments(0) Posted by AYS on 2011-04-22 11:59:16

  • First blog
    We are very happy to have this option to communicate with you, our customer. By no means does it mean that you can’t phone our office with questions or comments if you like. For sure, if you are having a bug problem or a matter that needs immediate attention please call the office so we can respond without unneeded delay. This blog is surely not a one-way-street; we want you to participate with questions and comments about our company, our service, and our industry. We encourage your comments and questions and will do our best to respond to them in a timely manner. For more private communication you are encouraged to use our "contact us" tab you will find at the top of each page on our web site. We look forward to hearing from you.

    comment Coments(0) Posted by AYS on 2011-04-17 18:15:37