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We can usually schedule service the same day you call, so give us a call at (575) 524-1243 today to set up your appointment.

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• We don't have service contracts so you can have us treat your home just one time for    about $50.00.
• While we're there we'll also inspect for any problem areas you might have.
• So, for about fifty bucks we will treat for bugs inside and outside and guarantee it for thirty    days.

Our Signature Service is a low cost, effective, customer friendly pest prevention program providing optimum control of pests in and around your home. After our first visit, you won't even need to be there for this service.

We apply a protective barrier around the exterior of you home and guarantee results in the interior. Most of the insects and spiders in our area live outside and are drawn toward our structures for a variety of reasons. When these bugs come into contact with our protective barrier of an EPA registered product, they are exposed to a fatal dose and begin to die.

Signature service basically prevents the bugs from entering your home while also reducing their overall population around the exterior. If any do enter your home, they should be either dead or dying. If you do find live bugs inside, just give us a call and we'll schedule a visit, at your convenience to remedy the problem at no additional charge.

In unique environments and in unusual circumstances one's pest problems may require customized service. If this is the case, we will evaluate the situation and design an appropriate course of action to remedy the problem.